Friday, 11 May 2012

(I-06) 6th MAY 2012 /archive

A Natural Low - 6/5/12:
start time: 19:30pm
finish: 21:30pm

in playing order:

1st - Wardenburger
(the xxxx xxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxxxx asserted their)

2nd - Kodak Beach
(xxxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxx'x xxxxxxxxx shoulders and feet, his xxxx and)

3rd - Kahl Monticone 
(xxxxx, the xxxxx, the xxxxxx of cassiopeia, xxx intimate xxxxxxxx,)

4th - The Perfect Lovers
(xxx xxxx duly patterned xx xxx dark. xxx milky way, x)

5th - Bitter Defeat
(vague hoop xx light, spanned xxx sky.)

Kodak Beach from Bremen Town Musician on Vimeo.


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