Monday, 23 April 2012

(I-01) 2nd DECEMBER 2011 /archive

midnight intervention - 2/12/11:
start time: ~00:30am
finish: ~02:30am

in playing order:

1st - Wardenbun
(led by jule telling people where to go, wardenbun(/rgr) starts around 00:30 on a secluded rock pier)

2nd - Lights Over Duga-3
(second live collaborative effort between tistriallal binds & auchenflower red light district)

3rd - Shooga
(incredible twenty minute acoustic/battery performance by shooga, lots of lights & wires & smiles)

4th - Perpetual Nervousness
(looped violin and first-time vocals(??))

5th - Auchenflower Red Light District
(decidedly quiet floor show joined by an audience member)

6th - Tistriallal Binds
(unofficial/impromptu effected static/feedback/tapes set)

(photo by leif)

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