Monday, 23 April 2012

(I-04) 25th FEBRUARY 2012 /archive

double dummies - 25/2/12:
start time: 18:00pm
finish: 22:00pm
note: due to the last minute change of weather, this event had to be relocated indoors - safe & sound

in playing order:

1st - Mutanteer
(solo venture for gravel samwidge drummahr)

2nd - Skye/Marisa/Yusuke
(incredible improvised set (note: throat singing))

3rd - Baglady
(solo outlet for Harry (Per Purpose, Loomer, Loose Grip), beaten guitar)

4th - Ffehro
(first(?) Brisbane show for this long-standing duo featuring Michael (Hashram/Music Your Mind Will Love You label. Terracid,6Majik9) & Ian (6Majik9,This Imperial Can)

5th - Cured Pink
(castrated, short leash)

6th - Holly Wheeler
(sophomore live appearance from young noisenik)

7th - Dumbshit (vic)
(melbourne's Dumbshit; zen & precision, snapped pick?)

8th - Shooga
(meltin' upwards; home courtt)

9th - Onnie Art
(Venting Gallery's own, Bonnie, mic'd aluminum face noise & guitar)
(photo by Glen)

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