Monday, 23 April 2012

(I-03) 5th FEBRUARY 2012 /archive

river dance - 5/2/12:
start time: ~16:00pm
finish: ~20:00pm

 in playing order:

1st - Warden Burger
(violent & not working for you; vag for life)

2nd - Dr. Gerald Keaney
(come closer. real performer)

3rd - Demented Thrugg
(debut live show for this duo though with recordings several years prior. ian (6majik9,this imperial can) & greg (charles curse,blonde cobra))

4th - Nhomea (Syd)
(out on the secluded rock pier. sydney improv, the core trio. sun begins sets mid performance)

5th - Blend 42 From Outer Space
(guest dj also performing, triple battered synth & beats)

6th - Ve (Berlin)

7th - Unique Oil Free Air
(Adam Park's (wardenburger/sprot/the perfect lovers/impromptulons) solo project, unplanned/impromptu set - the best kind)
(photo by Glen)


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