Monday, 23 April 2012

(I-05) 6th APRIL 2012 /archive

intervention #5 - 6/4/12:

start time: 19:30pm
finish: 21:00pm

in playing order:

1st - Hit the Deck in the Pit

(piercing mic/amp feedback & stolen recorder)
2nd - Mutanteer

(loud & anti-social; crossed the line)
3rd - Alrey Batol

(very rare outing for this reclusive artist. "old-school" harsh noise & religious tapes)
4th - Girls! Girls! Girls!

(they've now installed bright lights where G!G!G! performed)
5th - Equalizer 24k

(first show in about 10 years! one-night-only revival of Nicola Morton's early 00s project)
6th - Lights over Duga-3 

(Earth as instrument)
7th - Auchenflower Red Light District

(special unplanned/impromptu 2-minute performance after LoD-3)

 Equalizer 24k live excerpt
(video courtesy of artist)

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